Trip summary:

Tuesday night, went to a play “The Curious Incident etc.” in London…very good. Stayed at an ultra-trendy hotel, One Alwych (Ranny and Lou stayed there once and told me I HAD to stay there)…a little more style than substance.

Wednesday and Thursday, at Goodwood. Perfect weather. Huge crowds of utterly stylish English rich at the “Glorious Goodwood” races. Great results at Wednesday’s races (hit a longshot winner in the first race of the day for 279.20GBP, followed up by about another 100 GBP in winners or place horses), mediocre at Thursday’s (broke even with a winner in last race). Stayed at the very, very nice Goodwood Hotel, where all the Bentley owners stay.

Friday and today (Saturday), am in Portsmouth, home of the English navy. Sightseeing C+. Staying at the Seacrest, a hotel right out of the 40’s where the chummy proprietress is straight out of an old English movie. Taking the train up to Heathrow this evening to catch a 7:20 a.m. flight on Sunday. I’m staying at the Renaissance Heathrow in case you ned to reach me.

All in all, everything great, EXCEPT…

I happened to have a little spill at Goodwood…banged my head, resulting in a very unsightly black eye, forcing me to wear big wraparound sunglasses everywhere so as not to frighten the locals. You can make fun of me when I get home.

[Update three days later: Shiner fading (slightly)]


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